Royals IV.

People do not understand that where I grew up being crowned is actually a really big deal. It is not a popularity contest; it is a title that has to be earned.

– former queen

This is the last batch of sitters for my royalty project. Now it is time to turn them into cyanotypes, construct their frames and hang a show (more information to come). Many thanks to all of you who have supported this idea, who have driven to Columbus and sat in front of my lens, who have helped me with design and fabrication of frames and who have listened to me talk nonstop about just how proud I am to be from Wyandot County.


2010 Jr. Fair Queen
Tuscarawas County


2011 Jr. Fair King
Tuscarawas County


2012 Jr. Fair Princess
2015 Jr. Fair Queen 1st Runner Up
Crawford County


2013 Jr. Fair Queen Attendant
Crawford County


2010 Jr. Fair Queen 1st Runner Up
Wyandot County


2013 Jr. Fair Queen
Portage County

4 Replies to “Royals IV.”

  1. I am so amazed how this came together for you! They are all so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Good Luck!! ❤ Eryn

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