So I Wandered.

From my most recent Portrait Model assignment “tell a story”. Shot at Red Rock Canyon just outside of LasVegas.


Looking out ahead of myself I saw great beauty and was intrigued, so I wandered into the desert and was overwhelmed by its vastness. The landscape swallowed me whole; I was insignificant within its wide reaching arms. Red rocks stretched upwards towards a blue summers sky, sharp jagged edges, racing towards the heavens. The desert was wild and ancient, existing in the before and the after of my arrival. Still, it welcomed me, warming my skin from head to foot.

As I walked along, as I climbed and as I rested, this earth felt biblical. I thought of all the stories I had been told of the Israelite’s in their own forty years of wandering. I thought of  Moses and the burning bush, perhaps not unlike the ones I had encountered: yucca plants and Joshua trees. Then a line I had heard recited dozens of times rushed into my mind, the Lord telling Moses, “Take off your shoes for you are on Holy ground”. So I too took off my shoes and walked towards the horizon through the sand.


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