Good to Breathe.

Less words more pictures.

Though I haven’t made a cohesive series this summer I have shot a lot, read a lot, talked a lot and sunbathed a lot. This is good. It is good to breathe, to live and to explore. It is good to go home and to reevaluate. These are the things that will lead me to my next idea.

I have shot quite a bit of film, it sits in my fridge undeveloped and waiting for it’s new life. I have also shot quite a bit digitally, unusual for me, thanks to the purchase of my new baby, a Canon 6D, a graduation present to myself.

Here are some random images I have made since that purchase. Moments captured digitally that haven’t yet told me what they are trying to say or who it is that they want to be.

Another big thing I have been working on since graduation is The Hive, alongside my fellow artist and friend Tamrin Ingram. Check it out. Follow us. Never miss an adventure.

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