Little Time and No Money.

In June I went to Memphis, I have finally written about it here.


Spontaneity is key in travel as the most memorable moments lay hidden in the unknown. Four Sundays ago I looked at my mother and said, I’m going to drive to Memphis, do you want to come? Two days later we packed up the Corolla, and drove twelve hours south to West Memphis, Arkansas, and the sticky southern, summer heat. Like any last-minute, low-budget road trip, I was determined to see as much as I could while spending as little cash as possible. What initially started out as a trek to visit the Memphis College of Art, a contender in my ever-growing list of potential grad schools, turned in to a whirlwind, six state adventure.

Day one was a twelve-hour drive south from Ohio into Kentucky, Tennessee and finally Arkansas where we stayed in a one room cabin without running water. While sifting through gas station pamphlets on the bottom bunk we…

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