Vacationland III.

Growing up was/is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. This reality is expressed in Vacationland, a project rooted in the idea of running away to discover truth. A timeline of events, part one focuses on the early years, part two junior high and the beginnings of puberty, and part three the ascent into adulthood. It’s honest words about relatable truths, dreamlike imagery that reflects on memories of the past.

Vacationland is far from over, for it is a record of life. I want to continue writing, finding time each day to be removed from the world and voice my experiences, joys and concerns. For me, it is important that I record what it was like to be a twenty-two-year-old female in 2016’s America. Just as I want to remember a childhood in the 90’s, before 9/11 happened and evil was introduced to me as a truth in my faultless world. Once the glass facade that was life cracked, it became much easier for new fractions to appear. With Vacationland, I have attempted to more closely examine each one, each experience that made me more worldly, more human. All of us are broken, but we break differently, it is the stories of these scars that are the most beautiful to tell. These experiences unite us, tying us loosely together with thread, making us relatable to one another, gifting us with wisdom and understanding.
I am a storyteller. It is my hope that through sharing my experiences, others won’t feel so excluded in their own. We are humans, faulty, broken, beautiful, humans.

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