Here is Summer.

Today in Columbus, Ohio, we reached a high of sixteen degrees. I say this because although many of my readers are local a lot of you are not (thanks world wide web). For those of you fortunate enough to be somewhere warmer I cannot lie I am a bit envious, but for those of you still here in Ohio (or heaven forbid somewhere chiller), this one’s for you.

Ohio has always blessed me with incredibly glorious summers and this past one did not disappoint. I guess the fact that I was too broke to develop film until recently was actually a blessing in disguise. Amidst seasonal depression, pure exhaustion and an overall absence of sun, these few rolls brought me happiness and a reminder that for every winter there will be a summer. For every day where I walk outside and can’t feel my face there will be a day in a sundress with warmth radiating onto my skin. Soon I will trade in boots for barefeet, but until then, thank you Ohio for being beautiful, and thank you bank account for allowing me to finally relive what were truly a remarkable few months.

As little orphan Annie once somewhat obnoxiously sang, the sun will most definitely come out tomorrow  (or at least sometime in the somewhat near future). Just try and remember friends: Ohio is beautiful, family is wonderful, life is good.

Here is summer, from me to you:

Find more lovely Ohio summer here and here.

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