Man Manipulated Beauty.

A group of Columbus photographers, all connected in some way to CCAD, were invited to create imagery to be hung in the gallery at Franklin Park Conservatory. Honored to have been asked, I set out to make work that would happily live within this family friendly, botanical context. We meet next Sunday to discuss installation. More information about the show, its opening and when/how you can view the work to come.

I have been working silently on these photographs, mainly because they are aesthetically and not conceptually driven. This is not typically how I make and so I have found it difficult to get excited about the results. Nevertheless, I was amazed by the opportunity to roam freely around the conservatory and create site-specific work. Finally, months later, I have made something I believe to be worthwhile. Unsettling, man manipulated, beauty. The term ‘wallflower’ danced around in my head during the entirety of the process. That is what I began to make, fields of color and pattern, a wallpaper of sorts. Here is a two image preview of the series.

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