That First Leap.

It’s important to understand that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I don’t mean that in a cheesy inspirational quote kind of way, but in an honest to god, you are so much stronger than you think kind of way. I am 2,000 miles away from any sort of familiarity. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, this move. I left behind friends, family, a significant other, the only life I have ever known, but I did it to grow and grow I did. This transition hasn’t been easy. I have cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion, spent countless nights alone drinking bourbon in the bathtub while simultaneously stuffing my face with pizza rolls.

I am strong now, stronger than I ever thought possible (I have literally climbed mountains). More impressively, today, when the battery in my van died, I worked up the courage to knock on a neighbor (I did not know’s) door for a jumpstart. He selflessly gave me five minutes of his time to get me on the road.

Since arriving in my new home I have taken my mental health into my own hands, gotten help I desperately needed (but had previously been to afraid to seek out), fought a dismal battle with food and begun meditating. It’s hard to truly become independent under the skies of your youth and so I have forced myself face first into responsibility and the ever dreaded world of adulting. I have made friends older than me and not for one second felt out of place. I now know people from all over the country, the world, and they now know a rural Midwesterner. We broaden each other’s horizons by introducing each other to customs, opinions and beliefs we had no prior knowledge of. Each day I am exposed to new worlds; each day I learn something new. I am braver than I ever thought possible. I stand firm in my beliefs while remaining open to different views.

I left home to discover the world, but what I really discovered was myself. If you ever at all feel the urge to go, you should. Any budget can take you somewhere and sometimes a change of scenery is all you really need. I needed to go; my soul was restless. This is not my forever place, but for now it is more than I ever could have asked for. You too are brave whether you realize it or not. You need only to take that first leap, the rest will work itself out from there. Fake it till you make it, be courageous and most importantly believe that you can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to.

Photograph taken from an airplane high above Phoenix, Arizona.

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