Till, 2018
mud, wax

Through use of the archive (both personal and acquired), my work examines the socioeconomic makeup of the Rust Belt and how it affects society. Using vernacular objects and imagery, I construct narratives of place that elevate the ordinary by means of arrangement and transformation. My practice uses stand-ins for specific memories to communicate my experience as a working-class female from middle America.

Till examines the monotonous nature of manual labor and the security that this labor provides. Each brick is constructed with built up layers of wax and dirt that has been dug up from the field behind my childhood home. This process results in incredibly fragile objects with a pseudo sense of strength, a trait indicative of blue collar work and the boom bust cycles of a capitalist society. Employment comes and goes with little to no warning, throwing seemingly stable economies into a sudden downward spiral. Workers are left with skills far too specific to easily find new work, becoming personally obsolete characters in the Rust Belt’s ever evolving narrative.

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