Untitled (Super8, 1967-87, 2017).

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Recently I had the opportunity to show Untitled (Super8, 1967-87, 2017) at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, Ohio. When the series began, I was looking for ‘moments of hidden childhood traumas’. These moments were revealed in the in-between frames, moments that were previously hidden within the moving image. As the work evolved, so did my concept. The stills no longer reflect solely upon my families past, but have grown to encompass their present realities. Since I began creating this work, my grandmother’s memory has begun to rapidly decline. She (alongside her husband and four daughters) is pictured throughout the series in unrecognizable moments of time. These moments were lived (there is photographic proof), but they are not remembered. The film stills exist in the slivers of our memories warped and faded by the passage of time. Left to curate my families narrative, I have created a story they neither remember nor identify with; a story spun from that which has long been forgotten. Unarguably this is their past, but it is not one that they remember. The camera manipulates time through the eyes of a machine. Does it help us to remember or allow us to forget?

Untitled (Super8, 1967-87, 2017) on display at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, Ohio, June 2018.


Pictured above are 26, 7×5″ framed prints edition 2/8. Many are still available; message for details.

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