Drifters Like Me.

On life as it is currently and a quick excursion to the (not so) Windy City.


Life is a series of definite things. I was born, I was a baby, I was a toddler. I went to preschool, elementary, junior high, high school and then college. I worked four part time jobs until I worked a nine to five that now has me working eight to ten. This is normal, this is where most lives hit pause until they resume at retirement and eventually, inevitably, death. I am not satisfied with this and so I continuously chant the honeybee mantra, nothing is permanent and we are in control of our lives, over and over inside of my head.

I think that a lot of times being unsatisfied is considered being ungrateful. This is not always true. I am incredibly grateful for where I have been and where it has brought me. I am so happy with my present and what it is teaching me, but…

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