Erika Got Married.

Erika got married and in true Kaitlyn Jo Smith style I rolled up with a potted plant and a disposable camera. Here are the images in case you don't quite remember. Cheers to the Kirians!

Film is Fun.

Why do I love disposable cameras and expired film?  They both revert back to my romanticized vision of photography; the reason I love what it used to be more than what it is.  When photography was first invented, it was magic; people believed that the camera took not only your photo but also your soul.  There …


The lovely Miss Molly got a disposable camera too.  I am finding it very interesting to see the way girls who have grown up in a digital, selfie saturated world are dealing with a camera that has no preview or review button.  It also fascinates me to see their selfless on film.  This way of …


I have relinquished control and handed out disposable cameras to a group of young ladies.  As I go through them, I'll share with you what they revealed to me about their lives through their own individual lenses. Julia.