The Bechers Came to Sycamore.

There I sat at my desk eating a slice of pizza and perusing Pinterest (as one commonly does during their lunch break) when the door swung open and I made the realization that over the past twenty-two years I had entered an important part of photo history. I was looking through someones curated collection of power …

Smoke Filled Daydreams.

I bought those cigarettes with absolutely no intention of smoking them, because you were cool and I had always thought that they were too (cowboys and movie stars and you when you're drunk). I craved nicotine. It got a hold of me without so much as one hit, one inhale, exhale, smoke filled daydreams.

Something New.

The last day of 2016 was the best day and the first day of 2017 was the best day and I pray to God that they come together to set the precedent for what will be the best year yet. I spent my last hours of the old year and the first of the new …

Vacationland II.

Here is another selection of words and images from my most recent project, Vacationland. See the first batch of images and read more about the project here.  

Romanticized by Nostalgia.

  Maine made me brave (throwing me behind the wheel, alone, to drive twenty hours across the country). Maine made me embrace my failures (leading me to an entirely new aesthetic). Maine changed me (giving me a new way of making that I am desperately trying to keep). I came to realize while there that the only …


This photograph is one of those pieces of art that means far more to the artist than it possibly could to anyone else. It holds such a huge part of the past four, nearly five, years of my life, beginning with my decision to head off to college end of summer 2012. Currently it is my desktop picture and upon …

Haven’t Done Much Talking.

I am between projects and I am doing this thing (like always) where I am photographing everything around me and waiting for the pictures to tell me what it is I am interested in at this point in my life. I think that this is how you make art, although since the past four years …

Little Time and No Money.

In June I went to Memphis, I have finally written about it here.


Spontaneity is key in travel as the most memorable moments lay hidden in the unknown. Four Sundays ago I looked at my mother and said, I’m going to drive to Memphis, do you want to come? Two days later we packed up the Corolla, and drove twelve hours south to West Memphis, Arkansas, and the sticky southern, summer heat. Like any last-minute, low-budget road trip, I was determined to see as much as I could while spending as little cash as possible. What initially started out as a trek to visit the Memphis College of Art, a contender in my ever-growing list of potential grad schools, turned in to a whirlwind, six state adventure.

Day one was a twelve-hour drive south from Ohio into Kentucky, Tennessee and finally Arkansas where we stayed in a one room cabin without running water. While sifting through gas station pamphlets on the bottom bunk we…

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The Hive.

I am so excited to share with all of you my latest venture: The Hive. This is where all things travel related will now end up. Please give it a look, follow and let me know what you think.

Kaitlyn Jo Smith


It became very apparent to Tamrin ( and I ( // that our existing blogs were serving two very distinct, very different purposes: travel diary, art promotion. While both are a huge part of who we are and what we do, it was time they got separate homes. This is how The Hive came to be. In undergrad we referred to ourselves as the Honeybees, calling the lab we essentially lived in The Hive. After graduation we lost this physical space and decided instead to make it our virtual home. The Hive now serves as our travel diary, for all of our adventures both together and separate. It is a place for us to share our art and our lives, the places we go, the pictures we make and the people we meet. It is our hope that this new hive will inspire you to dream big, to…

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