Every Room.

I was feeling productive tonight and decided to just make something for me (a sup rising lack of weekend homework has made this possible).  Anyways, I have had these pullouts from a magazine pullout for quite some time now and was just never quite sure how to use them.  I am super happy with how …

In Vogue 53.

I actually made this piece awhile ago (it's at least been two weeks) but I just recently realized I never posted it for you all to see.  On a side note I haven't scanned in any of the last forty or so collages I've made meaning that the colors you're seeing are not true to …

In Vogue 48,49,50,51&52.

I used to have really awful (basically nonexistent) internet.  Then my mom surprised me with much better internet.  The problem with this is that the day she gave me the internet, my laptop's charger decided to stop charging.  I ordered a new one, which arrived yesterday.  The problem with this is that it's the wrong …

In Teen Vogue 13,14&15.

Class started last week and although most first projects have already been assigned I haven't really been able to start anything yet.  I was feeling rather unproductive last night so I sat down and made the first two collages pictured here.  The third I just finished up.

In Teen Vogue 11&12.

I made these two yesterday as well (I was on a collaging streak) but I didn't think it was appropriate to write a third blog post.  I am glad I was so productive yesterday because I didn't do much of anything today.