This Night, This Age, These People.

I found this saved in my notes this morning and thought I would share. Drunken ramblings from the backseat of a rusted out Toyota. December 22nd, 1:44 AM. Maybe I’m young, maybe I’m drunk, maybe I’m in love, maybe there’s a boy serenading me with acoustic covers in the basement. I want to remember this, …

A Reflection on River and Tides.

The following is an analysis of River and Tides, a documentary about the work of Andy Goldsworthy, available to stream on Amazon Prime. In Goldsworthy’s work, time is always (although sometimes understated) present as a subject. It seems to me that many land artists/site specific workers attempt to fight natural elements to make a more …

Walk 2.

desire line n. A path that pedestrians or vehicles take informally rather than taking a sidewalk or set route, for example, a well-worn ribbon of dirt cutting across a patch of grass, or a path in the snow. As I was walking this week, the one thing I consistently noticed was all of the jaywalking lizards. It struck me as interesting that my brain called their natural movement through this urban landscape jaywalking - an undoubtedly …

I Am Soft.

I am soft. And for the longest time I believed that this was my greatest weakness. But now I know this softness is my strength; my malleability makes me human. My soul will bruise but it will not break.  

On Desire.

We wrote our dreams down on little pieces of paper, folded them up and set them ablaze. That smoke is still the air I breathe settled deep within my burning lungs.  

I Have My Mother’s Eyes.

Mom said that every boy complimented her eyes, (little golden pools that twinkle in the sun) Boys only notice my eyes when I'm sad. "What an interesting color", they say. Chartreuse irises complimented by ruby rims. every boy but my dad. - I have my mother's eyes.

The Earth Itself.

She smells of the earth, not the pretty earth: lavender, roses, lilacs and peonies, but of the earth itself: flesh caked in dirt, salt and the rain.  

This Woman.

"You could be married". She said this as if I was not aware as if I did not know that in some parallel universe I was walking around, stomach swollen, with a wailing toddler on my hip. Of course, I knew - this woman - I longed to save, but it was her or I. I …

Pictureless Places.

For the things I cannot say there are pictures; for the things I cannot picture there are words. These are the seven most beautiful things that I have ever seen. Originally I wanted to write about only five, but none were dull enough to cross off of my list. Some have images, others do not. Many …